Where do I go to have my ultrasound?
You don’t need to go anywhere! We come to you! Your home, your event space, even your hotel if you’re in the US.
Who does the ultrasound?
Our team consists of registered diagnostic medical sonographers (RDMS). These are the exact same ultrasound technicians that complete your ultrasounds in the hospital. Our sonographers have a minimum of three years’ experience.
Where do you operate?

Currently we offer our elective baby shower scans in these locations. New York, New Jersey, Manhattan, The Hamptons Long Island, Atlanta, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Miami, LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Newton PA, London, Tampa

What scans do you offer?
WE offer both elective scans and diagnostic scans. Elective scans are self-elected; they can be booked without referral whenever you feel like it. Diagnostic scans need to be referred from your provider.
What about my provider? Can they contact you?
Yes. We work with all providers to conduct routine pregnancy ultrasounds scans at home.
Do I need a referral from my provider?
You only need a referral for a diagnostic scan. Elective scans are booked at your leisure.
I am not from the US; I am here traveling. Can I use this service?
Yes, of course! Not only can we offer you our standard elective scans, but providers from abroad can request diagnostic scans and remote connect to a live feed of the scan if they deem it necessary.
My hotel is not in partnership. Can I still be scanned?
Please contact us, and we will contact your hotel to ensure it is ok to do so.
I do not have a doctor, and nobody knows about my pregnancy. Can I still be scanned?
No. My Bump My Baby works in partnership with healthcare providers. We are not licensed to diagnose or solely care for any pregnancy in its entirety. We are an additional service to be used to aid your regular provider and reduce levels of anxiety by way of ultrasounds at home.
Which diagnostic scans do you offer?

Confirmation scans, dating scans, BPP, growth (anatomy) scans, scans for placental location and presentation. At request we also offer umbilical doppler studies.

Ultrasound machines are huge. How will you get them in my home?
Our machines are not only state of the art and wireless, but also FDA approved for home use. We have worked with leading companies such as GE and Phillips to ensure you receive the same quality in the at home machines as you would in the hospital.
I heard about remote connect. What does that mean?
My Bump My Baby not only has the ability to scan you at home, but when you conduct that scan, we are also able to share a link so that your loved ones are able to watch the scan via live feed as it takes place.
Our Home Services?

Sneak peak scans are 20mins long,. Peace of mind scans are 30-45 mins long. Baby shower scans start at 1 hour. Please note that baby shower scans encompass a peace of mind scan prior to the presentation of baby at the event.

Diagnostic scans can last anywhere from 20 to 45 mins depending on the referral request.

Do you conduct scans on the weekend and evenings?
Yes. MBMB provides extra coverage for evenings and weekends, as we are aware that is when most ultrasound services are NOT available.
How many weeks pregnant do you need to be to be able to book?
You need to be at least 6 weeks pregnant to use our services.
Can you book last minute/same day?
Yes. Please contact us and request your preferred appointment time.
Can I book a scan every trimester?
Yes. We are there at your convenience when you need us to help you see your baby.
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